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You wrote a good book. 

Maybe a great book. 

I can help you make it even better.

Hillary Avis

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ABOUT the Editor
Please note: I am not taking new clients at this time.

I work with independent authors in the genres of mystery, fantasy, science fiction, magic realism, romance, women’s fiction, and young adult fiction.

I also collaborate with non-fiction authors who have a specific area of expertise or an unusual life experience to share.

Got a folklore adaptation? I’m drooling already! Written a unique mash-up of science and magic? Maybe a quirky how-to manual? Or a cozy mystery with a sense of humor? I’m the editor for you. Before you hit that “publish” button, let’s work together to make your story shine.

I have a B.A. from Bard College and a specialized copyediting certificate from the University of California, San Diego Extension. I'm a member of the Association of Independent Publishing Professionals (AIPP) and Sisters in Crime (SINC).

Editorial Services for Indie Authors

Manuscript Critique

A manuscript critique analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of a manuscript and provides the author with feedback on characterization, plot, voice, pacing, and genre. A critique can help shape a strategy for author revisions or professional editing.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing provides comprehensive feedback on voice, plot, character, format, themes, structure, pacing, and other critical elements.

Line Editing

Line editing polishes writing at the sentence and paragraph level, fixing infelicities, awkward phrasing, passive construction, and more.​​​


Copyediting addresses issues with punctuation, spelling, grammar, usage, and style.


Proofreading provides one last pass through a previously edited manuscript to catch residual errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and spacing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

I charge a fair rate based on the number of words in your manuscript and the level of editing required, so you’ll know in advance how much your project will cost. For certain types of projects, especially those that involve significant non-editing tasks like fact-checking or telephone calls, pricing may be hourly.

Each project is priced individually, depending on the manuscript’s length, needs, and goals for publication. I'm happy to provide a no-obligation quote.

How long will it take to edit my story?

Each project has its own timeline. A novel may take a week or a month depending on the level of editing, the author's timeline for publication, and the availability in my schedule.  I take deadlines very seriously, so you can count on your project being done by our agreed-upon date. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, whether you’re planning ahead or have a more urgent timeline. If I can’t help you, I’ll refer you to someone who can.

Which type of editing does my story need?

In general, your manuscript needs…

·        Developmental editing if you plan to significantly revise the plot, themes, characters, or story.

·        Line editing if you plan to significantly revise the language at the sentence and paragraph level.

·        Copyediting if you want to correct mechanical, usage, and consistency errors.

·        Proofreading if you want one final pass before publication to catch typos and missed mechanical errors.

Get in touch, and we'll work together to determine the right approach for your manuscript based on its condition and your goals for the work.

Do your provide sample edits?

Yes. You can send me up to three pages (or 750 words) of your novel manuscript, and I'll return a free sample edit of your work so you can see exactly what you'll get when you work with me. I'd love to show you what I can do for your manuscript.

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— Sci-fi Author

“I loved the attention to detail and the fact that you challenged me the entire way to further improve and define the story. I never would have undertaken some of these major changes that significantly add to the story without your thorough read of the manuscript and your wholehearted feedback.”

Contact me for a no-obligation sample edit!

Thanks! Message sent.

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