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This privacy policy describes how Hillary Avis collects, stores, and shares the personal data of readers, newsletter subscribers, and visitors to this website.


Hillary Avis does not personally collect, store, or analyze website visitor data. She will receive your email address and name if you submit it to her through the Contact form., this website’s host, may store other site visitor data such as IP address and number of visits. Please see their privacy policy for information about how they manage and store this data.

If you subscribe to Hillary’s Author Updates mailing list, your email and name will be stored on her newsletter provider's servers. No additional copies of this information exist on other servers or local computers.


If you are a member of Hillary’s Advance Reader team, your email address and name are stored on her password-protected local computer. You may request to be removed from this list at any time, and your information will be deleted.


In all cases, your personal data will not be sold, shared, or distributed in any way. Your data will only be used to contact you, so you’ll be aware of each time it is used. Your name and email data will be retained until you request removal. If you contact Hillary at, you can:

  • See your stored data.

  • Update your data.

  • Request removal of your data.

  • Ask questions about your data.

  • Register a complaint about how your data is used.


This privacy policy may change to comply with new data privacy regulations. It is effective from May 1, 2018.

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