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A geneticist unravels scientific mysteries and solves murders on the side.

Kernel of Doubt (Book 1)

There’s a body in the cornfield at the Broad Earth research center.


Neela Durante has it all: handsome husband, loving family, loyal dog, and fantastic career. As a star geneticist at the world’s largest agriculture company, she engineers crops that feed the world. But her long hours in the lab may have destroyed her marriage.

Divorce papers arrive on the same day that Neela learns her father’s health is failing. Even her dog is miserable. And that’s not the only trouble germinating. 

When she finds a fellow scientist dead in the research center’s test fields, Neela is sure the murder has something to do with their work. 

As her friends fall under suspicion—and her soon-to-be-ex investigates the case—she is drawn back into the project that ruined her life. 

Turns out, accusing your colleagues of murder isn’t the best career move.

With her job, her marriage, and her family farm at risk, Neela’s sleuthing might come at a cost she can’t afford—maybe even her life.


Recipes included! Click here for a Book Club Discussion Guide (pdf).

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